Garden Bags Redefined
for Townsville Garden Maintenance



About Townsville Garden Maintenance

Garden Mate began simply enough…
Here's how Garden Mate came to be…

We did some serious yard cleaning, as you do, and the time came to dump the trash. We needed to do this without totally destroying the family car. But how?

We could use tarps. It's what grandad would have done. But wait. There has to be a better way…

Bags! Garden bags that can be kept until they're filled to capacity despite the worst of Townsville's most fickle weather. Garbage bags that can be easily loaded and shipped off to a faraway wasteland when their time in the sun is over.

In the heat of Townsville's sunny disposition, we tend to go for economy of movement. These garden bags would need to be big enough to minimise the number of labour-intensive carries between drop points.

Supermarkets sell trash bags. Sadly disappointing ones though… too small, too flimsy. Hessian sacks have their purpose but they're pricey and not ideal for the family car. Moisture and dirt are the natural enemies of the hessian sack and the family car. The answer, of course, also needs to be waterproof.

The affordable solution is poly. A good tough poly garden bag that won't burst like a balloon when it's full. It would need to survive being loaded in and out of a vehicle.

They'd need to be big but not awkward. The driver's view should preferably not be disrupted in transit by the enormity of these bags. In our decision to have them made, we knew we wanted bags suitable for green waste.

And so, Garden Mate was born.

Who would have expected Townsville citizens to have been so seriously deprived? At least until Garden Mate came along to fill the void.

But then we heard the people cry out again. They wanted wheelie bins to go with their Garden Mate bags. We wasted no time answering this call from our neighbours in the mighty Townsville region.

Now, our superior quality rubbish bins are on wheels, ready for your trash.

We're making yard clean-ups great again.