Garden Mate
for Townsville yard clean-ups



Garden Bags in Townsville

Garden Mate bags and wheelie bins are made for green waste.
Garden Mate is the go-to solution for yard clean-ups in the Townsville area. If you haven't used them yet, you're not doing it right. Ours are no ordinary rubbish bins and bags.
You'll get more gardening done in less time using our super garden bags and wheeling away your waste in our wheelie bins is quite clearly the smart way to save your back.

If you're in the Townsville region, yard clean-ups are just easier to manage with Garden Mate. It's all about being properly prepared—a little like a day at the beach. Yes, you can head to the coast without a worry, just that it will work out better when you take swimmers, a towel and some sun-block!

Get your ducks in a row with Garden Mate

Garden Mate puts you in better control of your waste, your expenses and your backaches.

Quick tidy-ups or major yard cleaning… when you're using our handy purpose-built garden bags and wheelie bins,
everything falls into place. Our bins and bags for your waste are designed to give you the
best bang for your buck and the least stress for your back.
Garden waste goes in Garden Mate bags and wheelie bins, including:
Green waste
Leaf litter
Grass clipping
Palm fronds
Trimmed branches
You don't want to leave a trail of trash behind you on your way to the tip.
Garden Mate bags keep the rubbish contained. Choose the bag
sizes that are best for your clean-up tasks. They're made for the job and they're sturdy as.
Black garbage container —  wheelie bin in Townsville, QLD
Garden Mate Bags
Tough. Job-sized. Built for spring cleans and garden clean-ups.
Green wheelie trash bin —  wheelie bin in Townsville, QLD
Garden Mate Bins
Ready. Willing. And able to take whatever you throw at them.
Orange pickup car — wheelie bin in Townsville, QLD
Need a lift?
Fill your bags and bins, then simply call for our pick-up truck.